We are planning to have different themes that will expand during the duration of the project, each one will be building on better understanding of issues caused by 21 st Century Skills ideas and activities that will develop skills and competences in children and staff:


Here are the activities and motnthly schedule that we plan for the implementation of the project within 24 months:


Theme 1: LTT meeting in DENMARK (C1) : We will focus on the “Creative thinking skill" in the real workshop athmosphere through making short film in the studio and cooking in the schools's training kitchen. While they are working in international groups, they will make collaboration and have smart products.They will also make presentations on unemployment topic.


Theme 2: LTT meeting in FINLAND (C2) : We will focus on the "Communicating skill". We will design communicative workshop activities via pet keeping, floristy and agriculture. They will form groups and work on 3D garden design, flower design, landscape, etc which will prompt their communicative skills. Posters and broshures will be ready.


Theme 3: LTT meeting in UK (C3) : We will focus on the "problem solving skill" in the real workshop atmosphere breaking down the language barrier by working out recipes and cooking in the school’s training kitchen for end product. While they are working in international groups, they will take part in a range of practical problem solving games to highlight he importance of team work and communication in planning to solves problems. The groups will bring together key concepts of how to tackle problems together linking this to the work place environment.


Theme 4: LTT meeting in SWEDEN (C4) : We will focus on "Critical thinking skill" and design activities in different subjects. Students will be prepared for a discussion contest on a pre-determined social problem. They will work in groups and these groups will be formed internationally. Students will be able to defend or object to an idea by coming up strong reasons. They will think critically and try to find out solutions among themselves in a democtaric athmosphere. Then, they will do experimental work with the partner students. The project newspaper will be ready.


Theme 5: LTT meeting in FRANCE (C5) : We will focus on "Collaborating skill". Workshop: Robotics and 3D drawing ; a seminar on getting benefit from technology instead of harm. Students will create lego robots and draw 3D pringtings.


Theme 6 : LTT meeting in TURKEY (C6) : We will focus on 4C Skills with STEM.- Workshop for teachers (Teacher Training Mobility) in Turkey about… technology Coding with computers/coding with music/coding without computers/coding with QR codes /STEM or STEAM/ using ICT for teaching purposes.Monographic works about ROBOTICS AND ARTS. Exhibitions in local centres and libraries. Presentation in the YouTube channel of the Prezi created by the students. Each partner is going to do initial preparatory work, such as background reading, conducting surveys, before each meeting.


Student and teachers/staff are going to be selected to represent each partner schools to attend meetings.